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2022-03-11 09:38:14 By : Ms. Jamie Lin

AGV has released a limited-edition replica of its Pista GP RR helmet used in MotoGP.

Its shell and spoiler are made from overlapping, chopped layers of carbon fiber, which improves dispersion of energy from impacts. The Futuro’s aerodynamics and field of view are optimized for riding in a tucked position, and the chin area includes a channel for adding the included hydration tube and drink valve.

The DOT-certified helmet meets FIM racing homologation, and it comes with two faceshields: one clear and the other in the pictured Electro Iridium blue. MSRP is listed at $1749.95.

Here is more from the AGV press release:

Introducing the Pista GP RR Futuro, a limited-edition version of the original Pista GP RR designed by AGV for MotoGP now available in North America. The Futuro is built with a brand-new shell and spoiler made with carbonio forgiato (forged carbon), which is an innovative carbon construction method. Worn by world champion racers, the Pista GP RR Futuro has received the FIM homologation, certifying it with the highest possible level of protection.

Every detail of the Pista GP RR Futuro is designed for the echelon of motorcycle racing. For the shell and spoiler, AGV used an innovative carbon fiber layup that is constructed by overlapping chopped layers. This allows greater absorption of energy on impact all while maintaining the same overall weight for the helmet and giving a much higher density compared to traditional woven carbon fiber. There is no distinct pattern as the fibers are oriented entirely randomly, so each Futuro will have a matte finished carbonio forgiato pattern unique to itself.

Effortless to wear, the Futuro is wind-tunnel tested by AGV athletes to ensure the best aerodynamics and the greatest stability at high speeds. The Ultravision clear visor comes in optical class 1, and adds to an integral part of the helmet’s protection due to a thickness of 5mm and increased horizontal field of view of 190°. The 360° Adaptive Fit system allows for complete customization of the interior, and customizable comfort and thickness for the upper part of the head, nape, and cheeks.

AGV LE Pista GP RR Futuro Helmet Features:

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